LedgerX Institutional

Gain exposure to bitcoin and manage risk through a trusted, regulated platform. Place orders on the price/time central limit order book, our bilateral negotiated trading system, or the HTTP+websockets API. Minimum $5 million in assets for individuals, or $1 million for institutions.

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Institutional Trading Benefits

Negotiated trades

Directly negotiate large blocks. Propose a price and size, and print the trade on our exchange. All negotiated trades are centrally cleared through the LedgerX clearinghouse.


Connect directly to our simple, convenient HTTP+websockets API. Generate tokens for a variety of roles, including trader, account admin and auditor.

The Pit

Meet other institutional traders in our virtual trading pit. Talk market color, network and make the connections you need to get block order flow.

Dedicated support

Questions? Call our institutional helpdesk. Our expert New York-based staff will answer your questions promptly.